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CCTV & Surveillance

CCTV and video surveillance systems have become an accepted security tool to help reduce crime,
protect people and property. We offer a range of solutions for different applications and environments :

CCTV Cameras

Day/Night - During daylight hours, the camera provides colour images and when it gets dark, it
automatically switches to monochrome operation.

High Definition - HD Cameras can be used to capture fine detail such as shoplifting and can reduce
the number of cameras required. They allow digitally zooming whilst maintaining resolution.

Thermal Imaging - These cameras can be used for detecting intruders over long distances from the
camera in darkness and poor weather conditions.

Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) - PTZ cameras can be remotely controlled by an operator to follow or zoom
into an area.  These cameras can also be programmed to be operated by alarm sensors

CCTV Recording

Digital Video Recording (DVR) - DVR’s allow CCTV video images to be recorded, archived and reviewed.
The main parameters of a DVR are the number of cameras or video channels that can be recorded onto it
and the amount of storage space on the DVR’s hard disk drive.

The number of cameras being recorded and the amount of frames (frame rate) being recorded from each
camera impact how much data can be stored.

Network Video Recording (NVR) - NVR’s are similar to DVR’s in terms of their primary function of CCTV
video recording. The main difference is that NVR’s receive images from cameras via an IP
network as opposed to analogue coax type cables.

Hybrid NVR’s are now available which can have analogue and digital CCTV cameras connected to it to
allow new IP cameras to be added to an existing system with legacy analogue cameras .

Intruder Detection and Burglary Protection

Our intruder detection and burglary protection systems help to ensure that people, property and assets
are protected 24 hours a day.  

Our systems provide a crucial deterrent to burglars and an assured response when it is required.  

These systems can be integrated to match your specific business needs, giving you the flexibility to
enable secure out of hours working and deliveries, as well as the capability to manage your employee
movements for a building or a number of locations through a single interface.

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